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Scismic matches scientists from all walks of life to roles in biotech. We believe that when our skill sets fit a role well, we can make the biggest impact through our work.

We are funded by the NIH to build technology to reduce the bias of the traditional application process. Our applicants are evaluated first on qualifications and not personal identification. This has resulted in a greater percentage of hires from underrepresented groups in STEM than other job platforms. The championing of diversity in STEM and the career fulfillment of scientists are causes Scismic strives to uphold every day. 


For any job role, you can apply through these easy steps:

1. You will be prompted to create a profile

2. Complete the profile with as many techniques and fields of expertise as you have experience with

3. Match and apply with a tailored resume!

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The Social Scientist is a nonprofit organization for career development, guidance and advice in the STEM fields. In order to provide resources for all, The Social Scientist is an online platform for STEM mentorship.

Our core program model aims to provide a global community of higher education students and professionals that are accessible and willing to dedicate their time for mentorship. We are an interdisciplinary group of diverse mentors that engage with young students and advocate for those already immersed in the STEM fields in order to expand access to STEM education and promote diversity and inclusion for all.

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